Bay System

1.7.2 Bay System

Controversial Points • Isolated by the partition between process area Class 1) and maintenance area (Class 1000). Class→Particles/ft3
• Wafer is exposed in the air of cleanroom.
• Filter coverage for the total ceiling area is about 30%
Attention Points • Establishment of the technique for chemical contamination control inside room (Concentration in air and on wafer).
• Parallelism of air flow pattern at process area.
• Keeping pressure difference between process/maintenance area.

 1.7.3 Ballroom System

PRODUCTS LSI, Organic EL, Small LCD  
Controversial Points • Cleanliness in Ballroom about Class 1000.
• Wafers are transported by Pod.
• Energy consumption for keeping cleanliness is 1/3 as compared to Bay System CR
• Flexibility for the layout change of process Tool
Attention Points • Measures of chemical contamination control and criteria.
• Room temperature control.
• Keeping clean environment during maintenance of Tool.

1.7.4 Mini-Environment System

Inconsistency of Air Flow for Mini-Environment System Double Equipped by Mini-Environment System and Cleanroom System
Low Class Clean Air Inflow to High Class Clean Area Increment of Process Tool integrated with FFU