Biological cleanroom

Biological cleanroom, which controls micro organism, has been widely in demand to meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for pharmaceuticals industry, and also provide a bioclean condition in hospital operating room. GMP has also been to be applied in food processing or cosmetic industries. Biological cleanroom has already been used in manufacturing process of Retort food and Long-lived food or in filling process of drinks.

On the other hand, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice Regulations) has been enacted in force for Test Animal Breeding Chamber, essential facility for R&D and manufacturing of medicines, for which cleanroom technologies are required.

Recent developments of biological technologies such as Recombinant DNA needs a precisely controlled cleanroom to protect experimenters against any infection or to prevent outside environment from being contaminated. Biological cleanroom will have much wider application in future with the advancement of high technologies.

The figure below shows the industrial fields where biological cleanroom is necessary and the cleanliness required.