Takasago Singapore utilizes an internal quality control system to ensure quality of works are maintained throughout the duration of the project. The quality control sytem is implemented for proects that are valued at S$500,000 and above.

Stages Of Project For Implementation of Quality Control System

Commencement Meeting

Meeting to identify problems, conducted prior to starting construction.
Confirm the suitability of design and planning, safety, personnel deployment.
At the meeting, feedback on past successes and failures to prevent recurrence of mistakes.
Decide on inspection schedule.

Progress Inspection

Inspection conducted during construction of the project. Inspect ducts and pipes, thermal insulation, wiring and the like to ensure proper working. Depending on necessity, carry out multiple times.

Completion Inspection

Inspection carried out prior to completion of the project. Inspect the adequacy of functions of installed facilities, or whether there are problems in the operation system.

Final Meeting

Meeting after completion of the project.
Confirm as-built drawings and to determine a support system for future projects.