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This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Takasago Singapore. We have come a long way since our beginnings in May 1974.
We look forward to walking together towards a brighter future with you.
Please enjoy this commemorative e-magazine celebrating our 50th anniversary!

Welcome to Takasago Singapore

Takasago Singapore is a cleanroom engineering company specializing in Cleanroom Design & Build projects for a variety of industries such as semiconductor manufacturing plants, disk drive manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, etc. We have also installed substantial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition (HVAC) systems for high-rise buildings, hotels, shopping centres, ordinary factories, etc.

Takasago Singapore has an experienced in-house staff of cleanroom engineering and construction specialists. We provide total cleanroom engineering and design services, such as Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Process Support, Facility Monitoring & Controls, Testing and Commissioning. Our cleanroom engineering staff is extremely knowledgeable in cleanroom design and have vast experience in cleanroom construction for many different types of clean room facilities.

As our primary focus is Cleanroom Design & Build, Takasago Singapore is able to support the customer through the entire course of a project, from production planning, equipment layout, system design and development, through to the construction, start-up, testing, certification and proper government approval of the installation.

Takasago Singapore can also assist customers with cleanroom engineering and consulting services. Our vast experience in cleanroom projects puts us in a strong position to be of great assistance to the customers, in terms of budgeting for the project, facilities requirements, statutory and regulatory compliance.

Takasago Singapore is a turnkey cleanroom engineering company offering the highest quality at the best value.

icon Corporate Profile

Company Name : Takasago Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Established Branch Office : May 27, 1974
Established Pte. Ltd. : March 1, 2005
Managing Director : Mr. Takao Shinkura
Head Office : 1 Jalan Kilang Timor, #08-01
Pacific Tech Center, Singapore 159303
Contact Number : +65 67373312

icon Company Policy

To contribute to society through mutually beneficial partnership and innovation.

icon Management Principles

● To serve society by providing the best quality service.
● To develop specialized technology and provide creative engineering solutions to our customers.
● To nurture talent through training, mutual respect and teamwork.

ISO and bizSAFE Certified


Building & Construction Authority (BCA) Registration

Takasago Singapore is registered with the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA).
The BCA awards grades for the services registered which would allow the company to tender for projects up to the specified tender limits.
Click this link (BCA Registration) for more detail.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy

The Management and Staff of Takasago Singapore Pte Ltd has committed to comply with Legal and Other Requirements, and to Minimize Occupational Health & Safety Hazards through adequate resources, Continual Reviews and Improvement to our Company Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

It is the responsibility of all Section Managers and employees to carry out these policies effectively. All works will be carried out in accordance with the standards stated in this manual.

Loss and injury prevention is the direct responsibility of all employees commensurate with their roles. Managers, Engineers, and Supervisors shall take every reasonable precaution in all activities for the protection of persons and property. All employees and workers shall observe safe work practices. The company makes commitments on the following:

● Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.
● Putting the safety of employees first during operations.
● Ensuring each employee is adequately trained and familiarized with the relevant statutory requirements, codes of practices and Company’s safety procedures in order to carry out his work safely.
● Maintaining equipment and materials in safe working conditions.
● Ensuring employees comply with safety and health standards.
● Instilling and promoting safety consciousness in every worker.
● Taking steps to ensure safety messages are disseminated to all employees, subcontractors as well as all visitors and vendors in the workplace, and to ensure consultation and participation.
● Commitment to comply with applicable legal and other requirements.
● Commitment to prevention of work-related injury and ill health, elimination of hazards, reduction of risks and continual improvement of OHS Performance.
● Ensure suppliers and contractors conform to Company's occupational health & safety requirements.
● Ensure the safety and security of our employees, visitors and customers and are committed to mitigate risks, including those posed by terrorism, by preparing our employees and protecting our workplace.
● Commitment to SGSecure Guide to raise preparedness against terror attacks.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Objectives

The Management and Staff of Takasago Singapore Pte Ltd are committed to achieve the Occupational Health & Safety Management System Objectives as below:

● To control MOM reportable incident to 0 (Zero) every year.
● To control first-aid cases to 2/per project/ per year.

Mr. Takao Shinkura
Managing Director
January 2, 2024

Takasago Singapore Oganization

Takasago Singapore has an experienced in-house staff of cleanroom engineers and construction specialists. The staff is extremely knowledgeable in cleanroom design and have vast experience in various types of cleanroom construction. Our total staff strength stands at 60 technical and 20 support staff. Turnover is low, with more than 50% of the staff having been with Takasago Singapore for more than 10 years. Customers can expect the same level of commitment and dedication from the staff, with the confidence of engineering experience that has evolved and continued since 1974, when Takasago first started business in Singapore.


Our Services and Solution

Cleanroom / Interior / Heat, Ventilation and Air Condition / Fire Protection / Process

Takasago Singapore provides process-related HVAC systems such as Cleanrooms and Clean-Dry Rooms that are essential to the precision processing technology at the core of information and communications equipment such as PCs, mobile phones and LCDs, as well as the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and food products essential to healthy living.

Over the years, Takasago Singapore has responded to changing customer needs by developing ultra-precise constant-temperature, constant-humidity technology; ultra-clean technology for the removal of dust, chemical contaminants and static electricity; and ultra-dry technology for preserving an extremely low dew point. By combining these techniques with its precision control expertise, Takasago contributes to raising productivity in manufacturing processes.

Takasago Singapore's focus on Design and Build projects have benefitted many customers, as all aspects of the project necessary for the completion is undertaken by us.

These include getting to know the customers, their products and the process requirements. Development of the production space, its environment and the facilities to support the production are closely shared and reviewed with the customers to ensure that all requirements are addressed and designed for. Close attention is given to compliance of various statutory codes and legal requirements to ensure seamless approval from government agencies.

As the design builder, Takasago Singapore takes responsibility to design and install the necessary systems as required by the production needs of the customers.

Such systems can include:

Cleanroom System

In order to maintain cleanliness in cleanroom, all the four principles must be observed strictly. The diagram below shows how the four principles can be illustrated in a cleanroom. The part enclosed by the thick line shows the cleanroom boundary.


Interior System

Ceiling System • Partition System • Raised Floor System • Flooring • Painting • Steel Structure • Waffle Table System


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) System

Fan Filter Unit • Make-up Air Handling System • Dry Coil System • Chemical Filters • Chemical Washer


Electrical System

HT System • LT System • Lightning Protection System • ESD / EMI System • Equipment Grounding System • Emergency Source System


Fire Protection System

Sprinkler System • Fire Alarm System • Hosereel System • Dry Riser System • Smoke Detection System • Heat Detection System • Highly Sensitive Smoke Detection System • Fire Suppression System


Process Utilities System

Process Cooling Water System • Process Exhaust System • Process Vacuum System • Compressed Dry Air System • House Vacuum Cleaning System • Process Drain System • Bulk Gas Supply System • Special Gas Supply System • Chemical Supply System • DI Water Supply System • Waste Water Treatment System


Technology and Services

from Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

Our Quality System

Quality System Comprises

Takasago Singapore's Quality System comprises the following...

Project Support System

Takasago Singapore’s project support system is to enhance and deliver reliable quality to our customers.


Takasago Singapore utilizes an internal quality control system to ensure quality of works are maintained throughout the duration of the project. The quality control sytem is implemented for projects that are valued at S$500,000 and above.


Meeting to identify problems, conducted prior to starting construction. Confirm the suitability of design and planning, safety, personnel deployment. At the meeting, feedback on past successes and failures to prevent recurrence of mistakes. Decide on inspection schedule.


Inspection conducted during construction of the project. Inspect ducts and pipes, thermal insulation, wiring and the like to ensure proper working. Depending on necessity, carry out multiple times.


Inspection carried out prior to completion of the project. Inspect the adequacy of functions of installed facilities, or whether there are problems in the operation system.


Meeting after completion of the project. Confirm as-built drawings and to determine a support system for future projects.

Test & Commissioning

An in-house independent team from Takasago Singapore conducts testing and commissioming on projects carried out by the company to ensure customer's requirements are met. At the same time enables the project team to fully concentrate on providing quality finished product to the customers.


1. Testing, Measurement & Adjustment
  🗸 Total Balance of System.
  🗸 Maximum Performance of System & Each Equipment.
  🗸 Performance of Individual Item.
2. Report T & C results according to T & C standard format.
3. Standardize T & C method & result for all project.
4. To train on T & C, Technical, Shop Drawing Skills as well as make new communication for T&C member & all staff.
5. Final Guarantee of Takasago's Product Quality to customer.

Cost Control System

Through its many years of continuous cleanroom projects, Takasago Singapore has the experience and expertise to always offer customers with the most competetive prices. This are acheived throught its design review and project management.

Safety Control

In our effort to complete fast paced projects on time, work safety is never forgotten. Takasago views safety as a serious matter and reinforces in-house safety awareness through implementation of the following :


Safety standards compiled from Takasago's safety practices.


Management takes part in a monthly safety patrol.


Management of Takasago's sub-contractors takes part in twice yearly meetings to share Takasago and MOM’s latest information.


Yearly safety training that covers not only safety knowledge, but safety-related construction methods and work attitude, as well as methods for constructing project safety systems.


Safety training held at MOM, targeted at all staff.
(Construction Safety Supervisor | Safety Course For Project Manager | Risk Assessment Course)


Standardize risk assessment methods accumulated from experience and to turn them toward each site’s development.


The subcontractors who support Takasago Singapore not only have a long track record in quality cleanroom construction, but are thorough in safety management and following cleanroom protocol. Takasago Singapore has a control system that assesses new and existing vendor’s capability and ensures that approved vendor maintains the required standard.


Submit Vendor Pre-Qualification for management approval.


Upon approval, new vendors are included in the company Approved Vendor List.


Evaluate Approved Vendor’s performance yearly.


Under performing vendors are place in the Black-listed Vendor List.

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We foster good communication; so when you contact us, whether by phone, e-mail or letter, we endeavor to respond promptly. We're interested in your questions, requests for information and ideas.

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