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Welcome to Takasago Singapore

Takasago Singapore is a cleanroom engineering company specializing in Cleanroom Design & Build projects for a variety of industries such as semiconductor manufacturing plants, disk drive manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, etc. We have also installed substantial HVAC systems for high-rise buildings, hotels, shopping centres, ordinary factories, etc. 

Takasago Singapore has an experienced in-house staff of cleanroom engineering and construction specialists. We provide total cleanroom engineering and design services, such as Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Process Support, Facility Monitoring & Controls, Testing and Commissioning. Our cleanroom engineering staff is extremely knowledgeable in cleanroom design and have vast experience in cleanroom construction for many different types of clean room facilities. 

As our primary focus is Cleanroom Design & Build, Takasago Singapore is able to support the customer through the entire course of a project, from production planning, equipment layout, system design and development, through to the construction, start-up, testing, certification and proper government approval of the installation. 

Takasago Singapore can also assist customers with cleanroom engineering and consulting services. Our vast experience in cleanroom projects puts us in a strong position to be of great assistance to the customers, in terms of budgeting for the project, facilities requirements, statutory and regulatory compliance. 

Takasago Singapore is a turnkey cleanroom engineering company offering the highest quality at the best value.